Opole University authorities:

Rectors, Deans, especially vice-dean Anna Bokszczanin, Directors and vice-directors of the Institute of Philosophy, especially Adam Grobler; administrative staff and Villa Academica staff. Also the members of the Institute of Philosophy should be thanked for their contributions.

Opole University students:

undergraduate students, graduate students, and doctoral students, especially those from the Institute of Philosophy, deserve special appreciation. Among those who most willingly and most persistently represented the interests of AAEV have been: Sławomir Piechaczek, Izabela Janus, Dagmara Kwitek, Maja Niestrój, and Dominika Hamerla.

WWW designers:

Opole University Net Centre, especially Adrian Kajda. Patrycjusz Brzezinski should be thanked for holding professionally designed www of AAEV conferences for some years. Dr Joanna Napiorkowska should be thanked for her assistance while making the present www. I thank all others for their help and suggestions.

John Lachs and Herman Saatkamp

Professor John Lachs, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA, should be thanked for suggesting me (back in 1992 in San Francisco) the idea of having the conferences and proposing the title as well as helping with the organization of the first edition as well as for co-editing two volumes.
Professor Herman Saatkamp, formerly Dean of IUPUI, recently President of the Richard Stockton College, should be thanked for showing me how to organize things on such occasions while in the US.


Kenneth Stikkers, President of SAAP, SIU 
Randall Auxier, Editor of Library of Living Philosophers, SIU 
Jacquelyn Kegley, President of SAAP, CSA Berkeley 
James Campbell, University of Toledo 
John Stuhr, Emory University 
Larry Hickman, Director of The Center for Dewey Studies, SIU 
Kelly Parker, President of the Royce Society, Grand Valley State University 
Nathan Houser, Director of the Peirce Edition Project, IUPUI 
Angus Kerr-Lawson, President of The Santayana Society, University of Waterloo, Canada 
John Lachs, Vanderbilt University, Nashville.
Jason Bell, Vanderbilt University, Nashville
Krystyna Wilkoszewska, Jagiellonian University, Cracow


Randall Auxier, Jacquelyn Kegley, Tom Burke, Larry Hickman, Kelly Parker, Cornelis de Waal, John Lachs, Matthew Flamm, Jennifer Rea

Speakes and other participants

The list of all the speakers and other participants is too long to be presented here; anyway all deserve appreciation, both those who came from very distant lands (USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Turkey, Azerbaijan, China, United Arab Emirates), from Europe (Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Hungary, The Czech Rep., Slovakia, Finland, Ireland, France, Switzerland, England, Bulgaria, Belgium, Austria, Holland, Denmark), and from different universitites and colleges in Poland


I thank all those who took photos during our meetings, especially Aleksander Sulejewicz, Patrycjusz Brzezinski and Beata Śliwińska. There are many more international scholars (participants) who deserve appreciation.

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